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A Harry Potter Saga by One RPer

Read at will.

7/8/15 11:54 pm - Goyle's Date

For their first date Goyle took Daphne on a sleigh ride through Hogsmeade. Daphne imagined this had been suggested by Malfoy, but on asking Goyle about it he said that there had been no such suggestion. Well, he didn't say "no such suggestion was made" he said "nope, I thought of it myself."

Daphne thought it was rather nice.

She sat in her winter muffs thinking about seeing Snape that evening. She felt rather guilty about it. Doubtless, Goyle could take or leave any girl he wished; Daphne did not feel he had the kind of strong inclination for attachment that would make him truly fond of her, but she felt it was a bad thing to do to pretend to be his girlfriend, ill-bred and in bad taste. However, Severus didn't seem to mind. She would speak to him about it further that night, she imagined.

They sat in silence for a little while. Daphne wondered if Snape would like a sleigh ride through Hogsmeade. She doubted it.

"And afterward," said Goyle, "we can go for a butterbeer."

Gregory Goyle was thickset. He had a roundish face and large ears and a gamey smile.

"I love you," he declared dramatically after they had sailed on for a bit. Daphne choked on the sweet she was eating.

"That is...nice," she said, really, really wishing he hadn't said it. Her dark hair fell, with a little help from her hand, between their faces.

Goyle felt that to say "I love you" was quite enough girlfriend-boyfriend business to fill half the sleigh ride, and they said nothing after that. Then Goyle told her she was "one beautiful babe". Daphne wondered what on earth he was going on about.

"Gregory," she said, "uhm...oh, look." They had come to the end of the ride. Goyle took her hand on the way down and pulled her to him. She hid her face. He kissed her mouth.

They did go for a butterbeer. Goyle talked a great deal about his father; his father who was "important", but he couldn't say much more than that. He started muttering to himself about how the butterbeer was watered down.

"What do your parents do?" she asked lightly.

Goyle's father turned out to be rich with old family money. Mrs. Goyle was apparently a housewife, who was "always worried about something, but Goyle didn't care."

"Your mother is really rich, isn't she," said Goyle. Daphne agreed.

"Can you tell me how to come top in potions?" said Goyle, as though this was something simple one could achieve with one basic act. Daphne could not.

Daphne ran into the castle feeling humiliated, and hurried over herself to get to Snape's room; it was early in the evening. She almost ran into Snape's arms.

"My love, are you alright?" Snape said stupidly into her ear after she had heaved in his arms for a moment or two.

"Oh, I hate Gregory Goyle!" she said angrily, then made a frustrated noise.

Snape's face looked amused. He looked arrogantly to one side. Then a thought came to him and he looked quite perplexed.

"How much?" he asked teasingly.

"He ate my face," cried Daphne.

"Oh, dear," said Snape on the instant, "how...unhappy for you. You look like your face is quite...alright. For the moment." He added snidely.

"Let's talk about something else," she said, put her bag down by his bed and sat down, combing her fingers elegantly through her hair, "like the fifth-floor boys' bathroom. Even that is more interesting than that Goyle."

Snape laughed. He petted her neck and shoulders, and sat down beside her.

"Do you want everything to be light-hearted and lovey-dovey," she said, "or do you want to explain to me how you came to be so affiliated with the Dark Arts?"

"There's nothing to say," he said, getting up, pacing, then pouring them both a glass of wine. "I practiced them. Never with any intent to do anyone...harm."

"You can't be serious," said Daphne perversely. She folded her legs under herself.

"Daffy - " he sighed and turned his back on her, "pretend you have lived as long as I. Do you remember how you said you hated Gregory Goyle?"

"I would never - "

"I would. There are certain ways to use Dark Magic that - need it be said, can do damage in ways that - for certain reasons, I - "


"Why do you say?"

Daphne heaved a tiny breath over the top of her corset.

"Because vengeance - it's debatable whether or not that is good or bad. At least, that's what I first thought of."

"We are remarkably similar, Daphne. That is the first thing I would think of. That was the only reason I practiced the Dark Arts, and to this day, that remains the only reason."

They looked at each other intently.

"I lost a friend," Snape said simply, "but before that, I wanted to take revenge upon people who had been uncommonly cruel to me. Before I lost my friend, you may have called me a true dark arts user. For myself. For what Dumbledore calls selfish reasons. I wanted to cause others the pain they had put me through."

Daphne sat and considered. She looked like the last person who would ever sit meditating on the dark arts; a blue ribbon was tying her hair out of her eyes; she had an embroidered collar, and her face was sweet and innocent.

"I have never - "

"Of course you have never. Nobody has ever harmed you."

"I have often felt terribly angry toward someone. But how do you measure your anger; how do you say, I feel this much anger and for this reason, that allows me leeway to do - such and such. Measuring good and bad. But I'm being exacting about an abstract idea."

"No, you're not, Daphne," he said, kissing her on the face, "you're doing just as well as the rest of us at it."

"And I'm sure you were doing just as well," Daphne said, "when you went into the Dark Arts for your own reasons."

Snape swallowed.

"I am not now," he said, "I am a servant of Lord Voldemort - or so he thinks. Now, I am doing you a terrible favour by interlocking my life with yours. Now I shall have to train you to conceal that terrible fact, my being a double agent, from him. He shall meet you someday. We will have to get on with it, I suppose. But don't lose your mind, dear. It would be terrible if you did. If I die, let me die - let you live."

Daphne sat in silence contemplating this. She rolled her tongue and was quiet.

"I love you," she said.

"I love you," Snape whispered. He felt obtuse in the silence. He had known Daphne for so long; he had never realised that the woman before him was so logical and so thoughtful. And even before then, he had already understood her logic and her thoughtfulness.

He was on his knees before her. He shuddered with lust.

"Go down on me, Daphne," he laughed.

"I will not," she declared, and held him behind the head, "no."

She eventually did, though, lying on his side, her hands at her sides, and she sucked him. Then they lay on their sides and kissed for a long while.

7/8/15 11:52 pm - Owl: Jane to Narcissa

Good morning,

I am Jane Greengrass, and it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance. I am so happy for my youngest sister, and I hope you and your husband have no misgivings about the suddenness of her engagement; I was quite alarmed, but more than that, I was pleasantly surprised once I realised that they were quite in love as far as I was reassured. They are but young, and perhaps the marriage should wait until they are out of school, but then again, I am a little old fashioned and perhaps that wait would be arbitrary.

I do not know Draco, but his being a gentleman speaks quite for itself, as it would.

I look forward to making your acquaintance in person,


Jane (Astoria's sister)

7/8/15 11:49 pm - Owl: Ivy to Draco

My dearest,

Honestly, my heart is beating so fast! What could be better? You are marrying the love of your life, and she is the most beautiful creature that ever was seen! And Narcissa is beginning to come around to the idea that her husband rather likes me. He is such a tease! But then again, they all are.

Do not attempt to read this letter to your mother!

And I am not a tramp, so don't call me that.


7/8/15 11:44 pm - Owl: Astoria to Narcissa Malfoy

Dear Mother,

Are we all friends? I mean, exactly? I don't know what Lucius thinks but I'm sure my family and your family can come to terms. My father is eccentric, to be sure, but he's willing to see everything in a good light if I force him to. And I will! Duh.

All my love,


7/8/15 11:41 pm - Owl: Imperius to Draco

What did she do to get you to propose?

I dread thinking.

Well, congratulations; I'll see you later. Astoria is rather young to get married, but I suppose you could be engaged as long as you like. I am not impatient to see Astoria in another fine dress; I see her in them all the time. She seems very happy, and so she should be. The moment she arrived at Hogwarts she told me, "I'm waiting to be old enough for Draco Malfoy." Stupid little fucker.

Just kidding. I meant to say Lucius Malfoy.


7/8/15 11:39 pm - Owl: Draco to Mother

Dear Mother,

Astoria is everything I ever wanted in a girl. She is shamefully bright - sort of top of the class - and everyone loves her. She knows exactly what she's doing.

I love you.


7/8/15 11:36 pm - Owl: Lucius to Ivy Greengrass

My dearest,

You cannot know how your family is viewed. You must visit sometime and bring your daughter. How about the easter holidays? You do know who I am, don't you?

We cannot stop this arrangement, but we must not force it. I have not formally recognised it. You are a fool, you know that?



7/8/15 11:35 pm - Owl: Imperius to Lucius

Well, aren't we happy on all fronts?

I personally am the happiest father on earth. I have gotten rid of my most deserving daughter. She deserved exactly what she recieved. A lovely, ah, Malfoy.

Well, congratulations, I am beaming happiness from all orificies.


7/8/15 11:28 pm - Owl: Draco to Lucius


I've gotten engaged. Really, truly. I know you don't like Imperius but he's an old hag, isn't he? He thinks I'm alright though - he really does. And he's not upset. At least, I think he isn't. Would he be?

Honestly, Ivy's keeping well isn't she? Hasn't she aged? Is there some sort of dark magic in the family?

How's mother?


7/4/15 12:13 am

Jay spent much of his time with his friends Joe and Michael. Most of the time they spent trying to make him irritated or to throw off his mind. Today they were sitting either side of him and one was saying "pumpkin pasty" in one ear while the other said "why are you in slytherin?" into the other. This they continued to do while Jay sat feeling ridiculous in the centre.

"Seriously," said Jay, "it's my birthday, and you people are making me lose my mind." At the same time he snorted and bit into a pie. His birthday was Valentine's Day.

"Will you stupid fags come off it," said Crabbe from across the table.

"No such thing as fags," said Michael, and Joe said, "wonderful wonderful fags." Jay snorted deeply.

"No, but seriously," said Michael, "since it is your birthday, we just decided to be interesting."

"Whenever you preclude something with 'but seriously'," said Jay, "I know it's never ever worth listening to. I have two best friends and I'm dreadfully lonely today."

"Hang out with your sisters then," said Astoria.

"He is hanging out with his sisters," said Goyle, then looked at Daphne to check if she had heard him make that particular hilarious joke. Daphne made an arch face which didn't suit her.

Dumbledore was amused.

"No such thing as fags?" Joe said sceptically and Michael burst out laughing, "clearly there is, because you just burst out laughing at the idea there weren't any."

"What is faggy and what isn't? I forget," said Michael. Joe and Michael were bright. Not nearly as bright as Jay, but they were friendly and entertaining. They were also quite flaming.

"They were also quite flaming," said Jay at that exact moment, "narrated the horse."

Dumbledore burst out laughing. In all honesty, it wasn't very often that he got to watch and listen to three gay boys make funny little jokes about their own sexuality. Michael and Joe burst out into ridiculous laughter. Draco hated it when he saw all three of them trying to be funny, because they were always so faggy about it, in his opinion, but sometimes he just couldn't help laughing.

"Joe," said Jay, "please. Your voice sounds like giggling moustaches."

"That doesn't even make any sense," snapped Draco Malfoy, "please, seriously, I just got engaged to your sister, if you fags make one more noise I am seriously going to lose control."

He had already recieved congratulations and a round of applause from all the Slytherins.

Snape privately found them quite amusing. There was something about absurdist humour - he found it witty.

"Happy birthday, Jay," said Daphne, who came around to give him a cuddle. Jay patted her arm absentmindedly.

Jay was privately most looking forward to visiting Professor Dumbledore. He thought that was a fine thing to do on one's birthday. The old man twinkled at him.

Later on, Jay admired the view from the winding corridor that led up to Dumbledore's office. It was a startling view of the night sky.

"Ah, Jay," said Dumbledore as he came in, and Jay smacked him on the arm, "how are you?"

"Fine, fine," said Jay, "what did you think of my father's class?"

"A most astounding production," said Dumbledore, "he is a most self-righteous, flabbergasting ninny."

"I could kiss you," said Jay, and Dumbledore blushed, "finally, someone else who understands that my father is a psychopath. That is what you meant by self-righteous, flabbergasting ninny, wasn't it, shortbeans."

Dumbledore coughed.

"Short-sighted, too," said Jay, and pushed Dumbledore's glasses up his nose, "or just wanting to appear as though there is some ancient wisdom buzzing around."

And that was the moment that Dumbledore fell in love with Jay Greengrass. Jay Greengrass, however, appeared not to notice, and fell into a reverie, which was only broken by Dumbledore saying,

"What a nice pair of jeans those are."

Dumbledore felt like a pervert.

"There are many wizards that will admit muggles are fascinating," said Jay, "but only one that I know of that believes they are the source of all wisdom that has been recorded about anything that is not magic or magic-related."

"I quite agree," said Dumbledore.

"The problem is, in a conversation," said Jay, "summarising all one's ideas before one can spread them out and make them entertaining and fit for actual conversational consumption."

"That is your problem, then?" said Dumbledore, amused.

"Yes," said Jay in a flush, and Dumbledore patted his hand with a grin, "shall we drink some wine, or something like that." His face was all in a glow. He was quite tipsy, and Dumbledore understood all that he was saying and wondered whether or not other people did. Jay was grossly original.

"Just what I was thinking myself. Let us have a little tipple. But first of all, would you get rid of a boggart for me?" A bottle rumbled beside them.

"Standard way to get to know somebody," said Jay, rolling up his sleeves, "bye, boggart."

When the boggart came out it was quite confusing, because nothing appeared. Jay looked at the invisible area the boggart would have filled, and appeared quite piqued. When he said "Riddikulus!", Jay himself appeared. Dumbledore was beside himself.

The thing fled. Dumbledore was looking antsy.

"I don't suppose you'll explain that?" he asked.

Jay smiled and blushed, and Dumbledore thought him quite pretty.

Jay sat down in a chair. Dumbledore poured them both a glass of wine.

"I am afraid," he said, "of annihilation - of there being nothing - nothing to see, hear, touch, or know. But I don't suppose the - "

"The boggart cannot represent an abstract idea like that," said Dumbledore, easily sipping, "but that is something I also fear."

"It's a selfish fear," said Jay, frowning, "I ought to be afraid of the pain and suffering of others. B - "

"I don't agree," said Dumbledore, saliently, "you would fear to the same amount for what you are afraid of to be happening to anybody else."

"That's true," said Jay, and his face eased. He sipped his wine, thoughtfully, "you know, I am a boy, and you are the most beautiful man I've ever met."

"Shush," smiled Dumbledore, cowering inside.

"May I kiss you?"

Dumbledore nodded as if in a dream.

Then they both reached forward and kissed each other.
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